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Pharoah's Ale Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle

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The Pharoah's Ale wooden assembly puzzle requires the puzzler to combine and arrange several pieces to create one, unified object. Once solved, it can be used as a desk ornament, sculpture, stress reliever or just put out on display.  Goal: Disassemble the puzzle and put it back together.  Suggested for ages 14+.  Difficulty Level - 4 of 5.

The earliest recipes of fermented ale can be traced back to ancient Egypt.  Its hearty ingredients provided nourishment for the poor, a medicinal ingredient for the sick, and an intoxicating libation for the rich.  Our keg puzzle has a complex rich history filled with the spirit of Egypt's true genius.

Early civilizations shaped our world by solving puzzles.  Faced with a problem, they were able to visualize and execute a creative solution with few resources.  These brilliant innovations are the foundations of our modern society and the mark of true genius.  Collect all the puzzles from the True Genius cultures: Aztec, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman.