SALE! The Grumpy Man Hot Sauce

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Gourmet hot sauce made from datil peppers in four great varieties!  Spice it up!

Hot Pepper Sauce - Hot pepper sauce is on every southern table, but not like this!  Made with garden fresh datils soaked in vinegar and salt.  These were picked at the end of the season which gives them an extra kick!

Hot Pickle Pepper Sauce - Classic hot pepper sauce with a twist of pickle juice, combined with vinegar and salt, this flavor is very distinctive!

Hot Apple Sauce - It won't take you long to find the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar and ours is organic.  Blended with white vinegar and salt, plus our end of season hot datil peppers.

Hot Garlic Sauce - This pepper sauce takes it to the next level - Grumpy Man classic end of season hot datil sauce, combined with garlic and spices.  You can't go wrong for flavor and heat!